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3CX is a system IP PBX  that offers solutions to communications. The types of communications that the 3CX implies are such video conferencing, chatting, voice calls, and voice mails. The 3CX claims to be a PBX to have open access, easy installation, and management. With the use of 3CX, it helps boost your productivity in your daily task. You can chat more and open more status.

Benefits of 3CX Phone System

There are several benefits that the 3CX phone system creates, such as it can improve customer service. In having a 3CX phone system, you can easily create a fast-moving communication with your customer. This is best to have in a business firm or even home-based jobs. It is to manage the different communication problems or restraints that people usually get busy about. Now, with the use of this all-out software, it tends to create a more organized channel in communication. It is convenient and easy access, and the 3CX phone system can be used in the different operating systems on the phone such as android and ios. There is no need for the user to have a specific phone to be able to install this software in their device. They give off unified communication solutions that come with the best features that you can use.

Next is they give a much lower cost than having a traditional way of the things in doing a communicative basis that you usually do daily. They have a free 40-days subscription that you can use for the PRO edition. It is simple to use, flexible and most affordable. There is unlimited access to the 3CX phone system that helps you save money whether it is a soft base or hard base communication system. You can easily install this system. This gives off the best suitability for the person that there is less effort to be exerted in the communication process. Lastly, it creates an integrated WebRTC video conferencing. It provides a cohesive way of communicating with each other. This is best to perform during the group conference and gives off the best quality.

3cx supplier kenya3CX History

3CX Telephone System was named after its creators, the 3CX company in where this is a global VoIP IP PBX company that focuses on software development technology. The 3CX telephone system is of their inventions, and it can create a worldwide effect in the media market. The first product that the company produced dates way back in 2006. They created a free IP PBX that was made to create a VoIP solution that was specifically designed for the operating system of Microsoft Office.

Aside from the first published IP PBX product solution, the company created a commercial edition product that was involved in the market last 2007. The product was a massive success for the company. They have gathered positive feedbacks such as that it has good management, easy configuration, and hardware compatibility for their PCs. Some special persons created feedback from a blog post about the product of 3CX and its convenience. The first time that the product created limelight to the television was in the year 2005. The company was featured on an internet TV show named Hak5. Upon some improvements of the system, the 3CX released the 15.5 version of the 3CX on June 7, 2017, that was accompanied by a complete set feature from that WebRTC chat, video conferencing and voicemail that comes with a brand new web client.

3CX Phone System Overview

Upon the advancement of many technologies worldwide, the telephone is one of the most antique yet still evolving throughout the years. The introduction of the 3CX telephone system created a wide array of features that can give benefit to everyone especially those business structures that needed high quality and fast-moving telephones that can gather calls in very precise way. The 3CX telephone system gives the quality that the person needs to become more productive in their everyday life. On specifics, the 3CX telephone system is a type of system that deals with a software base of a private branch exchange. This kind of telephone system gives the privacy that the firm needs to create more productive calls with their private transactions.

3cx pbx kenyaThe system is based on a session initiation protocol standard. This is a type of signaling protocol that is mainly used for maintaining and terminating real-time sessions of calls that includes voice, messages and even video applications. The main purpose of the 3CX telephone system is to provide extensions such as making calls that can be via a public switched telephone network or the PSTN or can be made from the voice over internet protocol services. The 3CX system can be applied in the operating system such as Linux, Windows and Raspberry Pi. In these types, the installation of the 3CX telephone system is through an IP business phone system in where it supports the standard SIP both hard and softphones, the traditional PSTN phone lines and even VoIP services.

Aside from the best qualities that the product offers, they give convenience and benefits to the customers that enable them to be more productive in their tasks. One is that it is easier to be installed and configured than any proprietary phone system. With the use of IP PBX that runs in the software, it gives of the best benefits that can increase leverage power from the computer and also to the user interface. Usually, the proprietary phone system that you use will need a particular system, with the use of the 3CX phone system. It gives the needed medium that enables to create faster actions.

The 3CX makes it easier to manage with the use of the web or GUI-based configuration interface that lets you maintain a sufficient alter with your phone system. The usual proprietary phones have a complicated system in user interfaces and can only be done by phone technicians in this kind of issue. The 3CX phone system makes easier progress in using system interfaces with less risk of any software errors to occur. With long distances calls, the 3CX phone system with an IP PBX can let you create international cost without a higher charge.

The best benefit that the 3CX phone system gives is productive customer service and better communications that can easily create a wide network of services that is organized. Since it is now computer-based, you can create more productive functions on communications that are best for your business applications. It gives a better and more proficient way of answering calls, chats, and voicemails, an example of this is when using automated voice machines that can easily answer the needs of the customer that can help your company to have more productive talks without the need for explaining too much further the information you want to spread. It gives both conveniences for a single run. It can answer, give replies such as auto attendant voicemails, advanced reporting and at the same time can hit group conversations with their presence, both audio and video conferences and calls.

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