Yealink conference phones

The conference phone market is on an upward trend in terms of growth. The business is looking for the feasible and latest communication tools to simplify their uses. Conference phone systems have given the way to unify the communication in a better way.  The easy to use conference phones and the ability to share ideas and files seamlessly within the comfort of a room makes the phones more demanding for the small and medium businesses.

Conference calls that involves various participants on each line is needed high-quality phones for a perfect communication. Its design and components ensure that they produce quality sound for everyone taking part in the call. Usually it includes features that are not accessible on normal business phones. And so to pick the appropriate one is important for you.

Experience a rich and clear cut communication with Yealink Conference phones

The conference phones from the family of Yealink communication systems is promising for the small and medium businesses. It can be a sure bet for the board rooms and medium conference rooms. It make use of the latest in conference calling features to deliver you with a best calling experience. Yealink phones renders an exceptional audio experience that ensures all users can enjoy clear cut lively conference calls.

Yealink Conference Phone NairobiConferencing systems with Vector digitals Kenya

Vector digital systems is delighted to welcome you to cutting edge conference calling. Headquartered in Kenya, we are a leading provider of broad range of communication services to any size business organizations across Nairobi including long distance data, voice and IT. We always use the trusted and branded products for to install and integrate the communication system in a healthier way.

To install the best conferencing systems is important and taking it as a vital priority, we plan and design the set-up to induct the Yealink conferencing systems consequently. The Yealink conference phones has the features of:

  • Optima High Definition Voice (full duplex technology)
  • Microphone expansions for broader reception.
  • Support for 5 way conferencing.
  • Support USB call recording.
  • Call hold, DND
  • Call recording
  • Redial, call waiting
  • Call forward, Call transfer
  • Can adjust volume
  • Manual updating of date and time
  • Support IP network
  • Intercom, IP PBX support
  • Call pick up
  • Voice encryption
  • Factory reset mode

Good Solutions For Better Outcome.

If you decide that you need the restructuring of your existing conferencing systems or to install a new phone system just let us know, we will be happy to set them up for you.

We have been a renowned solution provider in the verticals of advanced Telephone systems and products in the region of Kenya. As the forerunners in proposing the IP telephony systems in Kenya, we deal with all types of VOIP solutions. We present you with all the feasible solutions that fits well for your Business requirements: be it telephone systems or audio and video conferencing systems.

Our approach is aggressive hence our solutions are more transparent and clear cut. We devise the best audio conference systems that suits your business atmosphere thus making your business more dynamic. The other conference phones we provide includes the Snom conference phones, Grandstream conference phones, Avaya conference phones and Panasonic conference phones.

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