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Cloud computing is a blessing for every organization, no matter if it is a corporate, health industry, financial institution or other industries. Cloud-based solutions are fast gaining the acceptance among the organizations due to the flexibility and comfort it offers. With the varied options available for variety of applications, sometimes getting the right solution could be best achieved through the combination of cloud solutions.

It could be more cost efficient for the environment that needs more workloads and time. The cloud-based technology is evolving and within short span of years, the growth graph will see a rise at an ever increasing pace. It is important to build a best cloud strategy that suit well for your organization. So it is good to choose a cloud provider with solutions that are integrated and tested to work across different functionalities at your organization.

Cloud solutions with Vector Digital Systems

If you are looking for the quality and brilliant cloud solutions, Vector Digital systems Kenya plan, design and implement them for your business/organization. As experts, we would be able to get maximum advantage from this approach by delivering the most integrated cloud solutions in Kenya.

The benefits you get is:

  • Speed of operation: The biggest gain is the speed. It helps in managing the documents and files at multi-user mode.
  • Security: It offers the reliable access management and data encryption. Due to this security is no longer a worry to you.
  • Cost efficiency: It helps to save the cost on licenses.

In general cloud solutions with us help you to gain the business objectives quicker thus speed up the business operation beyond your thoughts. Moreover, it makes you free from the headache of hardware failures.

We offer the following cloud solutions

Office 365 and Microsoft Exchange online

Microsoft has cloud solution packages and office applications for your various business needs. Office 365 has become the choice of organizations for an efficient collaborative work and exchange online is a cloud-based suit that have the email and calendar services. The cloud-based office 365 is the great alternative for certain business needs which can be combined with the newest versions of office. Exchange online is an email service offering the same facilities that the ‘on premises’ email system provide. As the leading cloud solution provider in Kenya we offer high flexibility and productivity for your business.

The advantages of using Microsoft office 365 and exchange online:

Security: Security being the main focus while choosing the cloud service for many companies, Office 365 has come up with the SSL/TSL encryption system. Through this encryption model even if the data is intercepted illegally, no one can read. The security measures and anti-viruses are up to date and are in compliance with the Microsoft standards.

Reliability: The other main factor in cloud computing is the reliability. Microsoft cloud services have 99.9% scheduled uptime and there is no need to worry about the reliability of data. The data is being connected with multiple data centers located in different parts of the world.

With the use of Microsoft exchange online the company can get the following benefits:

  • Mailboxes up to 25 GB
  • Attachment up to 25 MB
  • Restore deleted items from the mailbox
  • Supports IMAP and POP

Vector Digitals can customize the office package as per your needs.

Dedicated and VPS servers

We give you the choice to select the servers to host your website or servicing your data. The types of servers include the dedicated servers and Virtual private servers. We are specialized in managing the Virtual private server and dedicated server solutions for your needs. We help you in choosing, planning and configuring the solutions as per your needs.

VPS server: Change your website hosting from low shared hosting to a powerful and reliable hosting service makes it more flexible. Choice of choosing the Operating system. Dedicated server gives you the sole ownership of the full server capacity to the owner or organization. Sharing with others is not possible. You have the option to choose the dedicated server if want to experience a powerful hosting service.

Virtual desktop

In the virtual desktop, the desktop environment of a user is stored remotely on a server. The virtualization software splits the physical machine from the software and provides a virtual operating system for the users. It helps the users to work irrespective of the location. Since the information is stored remotely, there is no need to update and install the patch software. Companies do not need to worry about the confidentiality of the data as well since the remote storage. We are specialized in offering the Virtual Desktop solutions to any organizations.

Google Apps for Business

it includes the set of cloud computing tools which are available for business and individual specific purposes. The range of Google apps include the Gmail, Google calendar, Google Docs, Google presentation, Hangouts, Google plus, Google Drive etc…These cloud solutions amalgamated together can bring the business to new levels. We help the organizations to organize these apps for a better productivity and enhanced work culture.

Cloud backup and Data recovery

To make sure that your data is safe under any circumstances like the natural threats or others, you need a reliable backup solution and disaster recovery solution for your organization. We provide efficient and excellent cloud backup and data recovery solutions for your needs. Our data recovery plans include various plans and it can optimized according to your needs.

Private cloud services

Data security, integrity and accessibility are the major issues companies are facing. With more companies opting cloud solution for the data backup, data storage and data recovery, you should be more specific that the data is still safe in the server. The private cloud computing model allows the users to have limited operation to make the data more secure. We design and develop private cloud services to clients in Kenya in accord with the needs.

Cloud ERP/CRM System

Cloud ERP/CRM systems allows the organizations to manage and organize the information in an effective and secure way. The system of cloud computing technologies offers flexible management of your business operation. Our cloud-based ERP/CRM solution are viable for the small and medium business as well. A properly planned and installed cloud ERP/CRM systems offers the advantages of

  • Reduces IT support services
  • Cost effective
  • Faster access to ERP/CRM applications
  • Accessing the system anywhere
  • No pay for the software licenses

We are renowned for the customization and implementation of Cloud ERP/CRM systems in Kenya.

Embrace the cloud technologies with us and experience the power of business.

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