Why companies need Data Storage?

We live in a data centric world. There is always a growing necessity on creating, relying and consuming data, which must be accessible when and where it is required the most. A piece of information – be it organized or non-organized, stored in cloud or data center, data is the basis of any organization or business. Therefore truly safeguarding the data and the related details is vital. Data and related pieces of information are allowed or provided through information enabled services linking the applications, servers, hardware and software storage resources.

In view to this fact, companies and business must be well prepared to handle the responsibility they have for their complex data. They should be proficient in safeguard and providing safe storage for the data and have a good data storage plan in place. Initially they feel, they can guard the data with the availing back up facilities and common sense, often being ignorant of the latest methods employed to retrieve data by the fraudulent people. The reality is that the security and integrity of data or information is significant.

Why choose us?

There is no such stoppage to the data being processed and stored, instead it has increased much. Subsequently, most organizations are looking forward to have a refined data storage solutions with the advanced services without having compromise on cost and delivery.

Think again! If the information being stored in a backup device or to the cloud or backing up files will preserve and protect your data automatically. Vector Kenya’s data storage plans looks at the most converging IT resources and management technologies for enabling the data storage in Kenya and Middle East securely. Our experts and extensive capability in the storage back up arena define a clear cut solution to manage and store your vital data.

Our storage plans and solutions efficiently manage, deliver, capture and protect data with greater performance and economics.  Taking on our data storage allows your business to access the right data at right time.

Data Storage KenyaOur Storage categorization

We enable users to have all the access to their data, means, they can upload, download, back up and access their files. We provide a range of data storage services including various physical and cloud storage options to multitude of clients ranging from Government bodies, Small to medium sized businesses, organizations and industries. The services are mainly categorized based on the capacity and sensitivity of their storage data.

Taking the right decision

The Storage needs may vary to different organizations or business and hence it is important to formulate a strategy that fits well to the functionality and budget. Our professionals in the domain help you to devise a sound data management strategy based on few information’s.

  • Know the clients data, volume and budget
  • Understanding the client needs.
  • Multi structured data
  • How soon the client need the back up?
  • How long the client need to retain data?

Varied Storage solutions for your Business

More data is being generated through today’s businesses. As it grows, more storage options are available that offers greater facilities at less cost. Many small business are shifting from the old paradigm of occasional backup to the most common used storage management.

When it comes to data storage in Kenya, we understand our clients have larger needs. To cater their storage needs, we have different storage services that would efficiently manage the data on servers and it also help them to retrieve when it require the most. With our cloud based and network attached storage solutions, clients can access their data distantly and locally as well. The information on the cloud storage can be accessed via the client’s online cloud account.

So it’s time for you to think of the best data storage plan that keeps your vital business data, employee data, customer data and other important data safe. Thus in vector digital systems clients never feel restricted to using the type of storage device they want. We take extra care and more by providing full security to your wealth of data, so that your work will never be negotiated.

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