IPTV Headend Kenya

It is now clear that the telecom companies around the world have understood the importance of delivering the IPTV (Internet protocol Television). With more telecom companies came forward for offering the IPTV solution, the world is feeling the wave of communications competition. Surely the provider with the best combination of services (voice, video, multimedia applications) will feel the touch of success in the competition. Moreover configuring and setting up the head-end systems in a precise way makes the system work properly.

IPTV head-end solution from Vector Digital Systems

It is important to make sure that the delivery of television content to multiple channels takes place without any faults. There shouldn’t be any compromise in the loss of picture and picture quality without having much impact on your network. It is true that a good IPTV head-end solution is required for the successful IPTV system. Highly skilled in providing the IPTV solution in Kenya, vector digital systems is the market leader for the delivery and configuration of IPTV head-end devices.

The high-end components comprises of the satellite dishes, amplifiers, antennas, splitters, encoders, decoders, encryption devices, Middleware servers, monitoring and testing devices. We are specialized in planning, developing and implementing the head-ends with the necessary equipment’s in a conducive location. If it is required, this system can be extended to Network Operations Centers and Operation centers as well. We are in liaise with the leading and trusted dealers of IPTV headends. The solutions are best for all types of verticals including the hospitals, Hotels, corporates, educational institutions and more.


Why vector Digital systems?

As the requirement for the quality delivery with the advanced capabilities is on high demand, we are capable of providing the cutting edge IPTV head-end solutions to our customers. The dedication and expertise of our engineers make sure the interoperability of signals and IP technologies provides a quality viewing experience to the users in a great way.

We provide the following services

  • Delivers a reliable and quality services
  • Easy Management of head-end devices
  • Extensive integration consulting and support
  • Developing the head-end systems in a secured location
  • Make sure the proper conversion and multicasting.
  • Up gradation of system components.
  • All of the systems are based on steady and consistent technologies.
  • Offering cost effective solutions.

Combining the technology that is built to take advantage of the networks, our IPTV head-end solutions are the best to deliver high definition Video quality that meets the services of existing broadcasting systems.

With the technology being in the faster phase, especially in a technically advanced city like Kenya, the organization needs a smarter system that’s easy to position and manage.

Get in touch with us now for a better IPTV solution, we will be happy to assist you in designing and implementing the state of the art service. We offer our service to other emirates as well such as Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, Fujairah, Ras al-Khaimah, and Umm al-Qaiwain.

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