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Vector Kenya Offer everything a small business want in their business phone system.Different Businesses had diverse needs in an office telephone system Nairobi. We provide reliable office telephone systems service and our service complete with all the features and tools a small business needs in a phone system. Additionally, the level of customer support was among the best we found.Our office telephone systems offer combines the best of both worlds. You get a full unified communications solution, that is an IP phone system as well as providing features such as voicemail to email and much more. We help our customers to choose best business phone systems. Either it’s an IP PBX or a Normal PABX System we have very advance team to support your phone system requirements.

Office Telephone SystemTelephone service is the lifeline of business, as it provides a way for potential and current customers to reach out to the firm.By understanding the technologies involved in an office telephone system, it becomes easier to choose a system that is cost effective and adequately serves the needs of the company. As modern office communications are change dramatically the percentage of traditional analog phone system reduced compared to IP Telephone System.most companies in Kenya  are taking advantage of a newer feature rich VOIP System for their office environment.


What is PBX System?

PBX or Private Branch Exchange is a private business phone systems found in an organization. This system has lots of outside lines which users can share to generate outside telephone calls. A PBX also connects the phones within the company to one another as well as connects these people to outside lines. Dividing line inside a company means you’ll have a greater variety of handsets when compared with lines needed, thus reducing costs. As a company, you will have to purchase and install a PBX network and operate it internally the office.

How about VoIP PBX as your office Telephone System?

IP represents Internet Protocol. An IP PBX supports voice over internet protocol or VoIP. It converts IP phone calls into a traditional circuit-switched TDM connection for your PSTN (Public Switch Telephone Network). This technique also supports both digital and analog phones. An IP PBX allows a business to migrate slowly to the IP office telephone system environment.Because of the nature of having all digital components, VoIP Telephone Systems offer unmatched flexibility featuring for businesses and therefore are commonly a fraction of the cost of a traditional Telephone system.Unlike POTS lines, a Telephone number controlled with a VoIP PBX system not restricted to one geographic location. VoIP Business Telephone System allows companies to geographically disperse their workforce and keep a standard dialing and number structure.For bigger businesses, VoIP Business Telephone System is often coupled with  PRI lines to deliver optimal voice features together with the most beneficial system stability. IP Telephone system using VoIP Phones as user communications.

Our offers in Telecom Products

Our Office Phone Systems solutions designed to be both scalable and feature rich and meets the growing demands of today’s business conditions.We have telephone products to support all the communication methods like IP, TDM, Video, Wired or Wireless and  SIP Protocol. Choose from a wide assortment of office telephone systems and Call center Solutions in Nairobi that best fits your Business. Our Telephone system installation service deliver maximum deployment flexibility and all business niches or personalization requirements.Vector Kenya offer high-tech installation service for Telephone Systems and Phones in Kenya, Nairobi as well as best price access in this region. Contact Vector Kenya today for your Office Phone System Installation or Buying your Telephone Products in Nairobi. We cover entire Nairobi included  Kenya, Nairobi, Eldoret, Ras Al-Khaimah, Mombasa, Eldoret, All Ain, and Kisumu.

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