Avaya Video Conferencing System

No longer to travel for a business meeting now, no more to spend for the company travel; yes the technology of instant communication has replaced many of the conventional systems. The growth of video conferencing is on the rise. This technology is a cost effective solution to keep the remote people including the employees and management in a loop for the meetings and presentations, company review meetings and more. Through the systems, the people can leverage the benefits of a video where each one can engage in the deeper level of the meeting.

Most of the organizations are making the video conferencing as part of their daily interactions and dealings. The ability to be in touch with people from different locations for different purposes makes it widely accepted among the organizations.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Reduce the travel expenditure
  • Enhance productivity among the employees and customers
  • Boosts communications
  • Competitive advantage for your business.

Avaya Video Conferencing Systems Kenya

Conferencing with the Avaya Video Conferencing System

Avaya video conferencing systems delivers a perfect solution with their advanced video systems that augments productivity and efficiency within your organization. With a wide-ranging video conferencing solutions Vector digital systems delivers a stronger way to empower the conferences and other important video contents to be streamed or on-demand to interact and engage with your employees, customers and partners.

Video Conferencing allows you to have an instant face to face contacts sharing knowledge, documentation and content without the stress of travel and cost. But now you can take part in any meeting easily from your mobile or desktop device with the choice of having almost a face-to-face discussion.

Avaya Enterprise Video Conferencing Solution

Experience outstanding video conferencing in every environment with a range of dedicated video conferencing endpoints. It offers outstanding video communication technology for a great video experience in the boardrooms and conference rooms.

Benefits of Avaya Systems:

  • Excellent and quality video deliverance
  • High bandwidth efficiency
  • Error resiliency
  • High profile video compression method (SVC)

Invest in the right Video Conferencing Solution from Avaya

The Avaya video conferencing system provides the organizations with full featured video facilities. With so many capabilities and features, your team has the systems that are able to exchange and make use of information anytime and anywhere. Avaya Scopia allows face to face meetings in mobiles and desktop as well that delivers advanced HD video, data collaboration and voice. It has been designed to deliver the meetings in a way without compromising the video quality. Avaya scopia presents a powerful combination of software and hardware that supports media processing for conferencing systems that delivers a scalable solution for boardrooms and conference halls.


  • Enriched collaboration
  • Improved productivity
  • Great customer service
  • Interoperability with SIP endpoints

Devoted answer to your Video conferencing needs

It is essential to build a successful relation among the clients, employees, investors and other teams in the modern business. Video conferencing allows a more flexible and sophisticated mode of communication at the comfort of the room. Embracing a change over in tune with the modern communication tools would be a good start to build a strong and efficient relationship.

If you are in a push to enhance your video conferencing needs or to organize a new infrastructure in Kenya, we assist you to develop a world class system with the communication leader. We endorse a feasible telephony solution that makes your business promising and active. The portfolio of other branded conference phones we deal with includes the Grandstream video conference systems, Cisco video conference systems and Huawei video conferencing systems

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