Avaya Telephone System well proven in telecommunication market in the direction of creating a comprehensive integrated voice and data infrastructures. Avaya offer advanced telephony solution which is based on maximum reliability at all levels from the various components of the solution to the whole network. Avaya provides full set of functional aplications that is , wireless communication system with DECT standard, recording system , call billing, Mobility, notification, conferencing, workplaces telephone operators, call-center and video conferencing system.Wide range off application available based  on optimizing business process. With Avaya you are getting the  cost-effective, feature-rich and future-proof solutions and it will help you  to move your small business ahead of the competition.

Avaya – High-Performance, Flexible Communication Solution

Challenges are redefined everyday, particularly in difficult economic times. Your company requires a sustainable, forward-looking solution to stay afloat amid changing circumstances. The most important capital you have are your employees. To develop their full potential, they need efficient tools to support them in their work. With the Avaya Unified Messaging solution for processing e-mails, voice messages and faxes, customer requests are received and dealt with quickly and more efficiently. User-friendliness, simple user prompting, and a lot of features at every workstation transform each Avaya telephone into a high-performance workpoint. Whether your focus is on a large sales force (mobility), high inbound or outbound (CRM), or network configuration options, you are on the right track with Avaya Telephone System.

Avaya KenyaContact us for AVAYA Phone System installation for your office .We can supply and install Avaya telephone system  anywhere in Nairobi . Our services area includes Nairobi, Kenya, Eldoret, Ras Al-Khaimah, Mombasa, Eldoret, Al Ain, Kisumu and Khor Fakkan.

Are You Looking for Avaya Telephone System ?

We can supply, install and maintain the Avaya IP500, Avaya IP Office and Avaya Communications Manager.

VDS know how vital a phone system is to your company, it is almost impossible to run a successful business without efficient communication between staff and customers. We provide phone systems to suit your needs.VDS make the most of the advanced features Avaya telephone systems have to offer, to give you the very best phone system solution for your business. Avaya IP Office is an all-in-one solution, designed to meet the communications challenges of small and medium sized businesses, it can be scaled from 2 to 360 extensions to suit home offices, standalone businesses and networked branch and head offices.

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Get complete project management services for new phone system installations and comprehensive support (remote and field-based) packages for new and existing Avaya IP500 and IP Office telephone system users.

Avaya IP 0ffice Editions

As of start 2012, Avaya IP Office comes in four editions: IP Office Basic Edition, IP Office Essential Edition, IP Office Preferred Edition and IP Office Advanced Edition.

Avaya IP 0ffice Basic  Edition

IP Office Basic Edition is the lowest level package for Avaya’s IP Office system, incorporating voice messaging and basic auto attendant.

▪ Voicemail box for all employees on the system; voicemail notifications on email
▪ Limited automated attendants can be programmed for basic routing of incoming calls
▪ Basic Edition only works with Analog and digital handsets and only scales to 100 users

Avaya IP 0ffice Essential Edition

IP Office Essential Edition is the entry level IP package for Avaya’s IP Office system, incorporating voice messaging, basic auto attendant and mobility features for all users
▪ Voicemail box for all employees on the system; ability to send voicemail to email
▪ Automated attendants can be programmed for basic routing of incoming calls
▪ Dial By Name – Using your internal directory, callers can easily search the person they wish to connect with via touch tone.

Avaya IP 0ffice Preferred Edition

IP Office Preferred Edition is our most commonly requested package, adding conferencing, call routing, call recording & flexible programming.

▪ Sophisticated advanced Voicemail Pro
▪ Secure Meet Me Conferencing: Users can host their own conference calls with personal pin codes, up to 128 parties in total.
▪ Automated call routing – Multiple and multi-level as well as conditional routing to ensure that the right person gets the call.
▪ Call recording to a voicemail box – Automatic and on demand ability to record incoming or outgoing calls that you pre-set based on need for a specific frequency or that you enable instantly with the push of a button.
▪ Flexible programming via a graphical user interface – makes customizable call routing changes to your business easy and quick to implement.

Avaya IP 0ffice Advanced Edition

With IP Office Advanced Edition, calls received outside of business hours (and even during business hours) are completely streamlined. Allow customers to access information, check status of orders, and more using integrated voice response services. Enable customers to request information, customers (and employees) to complete surveys providing valuable insight to their experience and satisfaction without tying up your staff. Callers will be asked a customized question and given time to respond prior to the next question being asked. Responses can be audio and touch-tone. This form filler capability ensures that all required information is gathered in a logical and clear manner. Retrieval of responses is as simple as listening to a voicemail message.

With IP Office Advanced Edition you can balance work load of employees by distributing calls among staff members. Measure staff productivity of call handling and identify areas where change is needed. Customer conversations can be recorded and played back at a later time through an interface that allows you to search quickly for the desired call. Know where to provide coaching to staff members to improve customer service. IP Office Advanced Edition allows you to utilize your employee’s time and talent wisely; empowering you to personalize service to customers as they prefer.Our Service areas includes Kenya, Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, Ras- Al- Kaimah, Eldoret, Khor Fakkan & Al Ain.

Avaya IP Office 500

If you are looking for a highly modular unified communication platform then the avaya IP Office 500 is designed for your needs. whether you own a small or medium enterprise this award-winning model of Avaya IP office 500 can give you complete solutions for your telephony, conferencing, messaging , customer management and unified communications. Simply, this is a compact solution with an unparalleled set of leading-edge communication solutions to help your work environment smarter and make your employees feel easy to serve your customers in an effective way.Avaya Telephone System helps businesses to change their mode of operation to enable them to take a step ahead of their competitors. More than one million businesses already use Avaya solutions and services . IP telephony, unified communications, contact centers … Avaya’s service and support is 100% suited to any kind of business environments

Features of the Avaya IP Office 500 include:

  • Voicemail Support
  • Multiple call support
  • Telephone management system (TMS)
  • Menu driving tools including audit trail
  • Auto call distribution to customised routes
  • Support networking of up to 32 sites
  • 128 party conferencing
  • Voice recording feature
  • Caller ID Support
  • Call Centre functionality

Avaya offer a single, compact, feature-rich platform that integrates the capacities you demand–Voice over IP technology and wireless communications working together as one. If you are looking for a  telecom solution, Vector Kenya  are your Best Avaya Reseller of choice in Nairobi. Contact us today for your Business Telephone Installation and one of our  sales agent will get back to you with a cost effective Avaya Phone System solution.We are Supporting Businesses all acros Nairobi that include Kenya, Nairobi, Mombasa, Ajaman, Ras Al Kaimah , Fujairah & Alain.

AVAYA PhonesAvaya Phones Nairobi

Get the power of Avaya Office IP 500 at your fingertips with  vector digital systems Kenya. We Provide very instinctive range of handsets from Avaya which is designed to be extremely simple . Don’t run out of your budget! With the help of varied models, you can choose different type of handsets based on your requirement. This ability to choose products from various price range will help you to trim your budget on your IP telephony needs. Our technicians are very specialized in suggesting the best IP handsets as well as conferencing systems based on your requirements.

AVAYA Installation Kenya

Small companies are very dynamic and many plan to rapidly grow. However, most lack a large IT department – if they have any full-time administrators on staff at all. Hence, the ability to easily scale their solution as they expand is key.Established  early 2010 in Kenya, Nairobi , Vector Kenya provides business communication solutions for large number of successful companies  in different sectors.Our reputation has been built and still relies on customized solutions in Avaya and unparalleled personal service.Our engineers make sure that your avaya installation fullfill promises of effectiveness.With our Avaya installation service ,you will enjoy the following.

  • Supports 1 st day until the end … and beyond
  • Disruption of your services minimized during installation
  • strict compliance with the attention paid to the finish according to plan.
  • certified technicians and qualified for your project

Cost of IP PBX Avaya

The price of an IP PBX Avaya is based on many factors, such as IP network infrastructure, bandwidth and scalability, network protocols, applications, and types of IP Phones. After understanding and analyzing the required solutions for your needs our experts will prepare you an offer.As one of the Top Avaya Distributor in Kenya we always keen to showcase how our offers help the the customers and suppliers grab the best deal for their business communication system.we also spend a great deal of effort in understanding how customers research and buy Office Telephone Systems.This is how we become a key Avaya supplier in Nairobi.

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