Yeastar MyPBX SOHO


Yeastar MyPBX SOHO Kenya

The Yeastar MyPBX SOHO Kenya Standard offers unique functions for SMBs (up to 100 users) at a cheap price with unique constancy and simplicity. It supports several combinations of telephony port interfaces, therefore facilitating easy migration to VoIP. The best decision for your business is to choose yeastar MyPBX SOHO Kenya with your choice of Yeastar MyPBX SOHO models.


Yeastar MyPBX SOHO Kenya

The Yeastar MyPBX SOHO Kenya Phone System supports up to 32 users and 15 simultaneous calls. The appliance is attuned with VoIP phones from third-party manufacturers such as Cisco, Polycom, Grandstream, Snom and Yealink. An extensive range of features are supported, including conferencing, queues, ring groups and voicemail. Set up the IP PBX’s virtual receptionist, one-touch call recording and music on hold set. Mobile support involved the appliance includes SMS-to-email, email-to-SMS and cell phone extensions.

Modules let you configure the Yeastar MyPBX SOHO Kenya Phone System connections to your network, lines and endpoints. The Yeastar MyPBX SOHO Kenya IP PBX supports enterprise-class VoIP features, faxing and more. Manage the appliance over the web-based user interface. Further onboard features include a firewall, VLAN settings and DDNS.

The Yeastar MyPBX SOHO Kenya Phone System is a standalone embedded hybrid PBX specially designed for small businesses and offices up to 32 users which offers the flexibility of mixing of PSTN lines ISDN, and VoIP trunks. In this way, the company’s communication costs would be importantly cheap by taking advantage of the latest VoIP technology while the traditional consistency is guaranteed.

Yeastar MyPBX SOHO Kenya Phone System Features:

  • Easy to deploy and manage via web-based configuration interface
  • Deliver enterprise-class communication features and functionality to SMBs
  • Customizable combination of FXO, FXS, BRI, modules
  • Perfect interoperability with a wide range IP Phone
  • Multi-language Web interface and voice prompts
  • Extensions/Users: up to 32
  • Concurrent Calls: up to 15
  • Network Connections: LAN 10/100Base-T
  • Ports: available through modules
  • Capacity*: 4x FXO, 4x FXS, 4x BRI
  • Protocol Support: SIP
  • Fax Support: T30, T38
  • Audio Standards: G.711a/u-law, G.722, G.726, G.729 A, GSM, Speex
  • Video Standards: H.261, H.263, H.263p, H.264, MPEG4
  • QoS: supported