Dlink DVX-3000 IP PBX System Kenya


Dlink DVX-3000 IP PBX System 

The Dlink DVX-3000 IP PBX System Kenya is a stand-alone telephony solution featuring D-Link’s EASY VOIZ Distribution and supporting many combinations of telephony ports. EAZY VOIZ delivers up to 16 E1 R2 / T1 CAS PRI channels, up to 8 BRI ISDN channels, up to 16 PSTN/analog phones ports, and up to 30 simultaneous  SIP calls.

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Dlink DVX-3000 IP PBX System Kenya

The Dlink DVX-3000 IP PBX System Kenya offers all of the important telephony features essential for medium businesses. Features such as call forwarding, follow me, call hold, and voicemail. Incoming calls are fixed by the combined auto-attendant and hunt groups to assist callers to their destinations. It can develop standard phone lines through an external phone line gateway or cheap Internet telephony services.

Internet IP telephony, also called Voice over IP, is defined as the transport of telephone calls over the Internet as standard Internet data packets. Internet telephone calls can create from traditional phone receivers via phone line-to-Internet Analog Trunk gateways, by PCs using software, or fixed. Most of the concern in Internet telephony is motivated by cost savings and comfort of developing and mixing new services. Internet telephony integrates a variety of services provided by the existing Internet and the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) structure.

The Dlink DVX-3000 IP PBX System Kenya extensions which can be set anywhere with Internet access. Several items can be used to increase the number of extensions or unite a company that has many locations under a single PBX system. The Dlink PBX phone Kenya features are user adjustable through the Polycom DVX-3000’s Kenya web configuration tool. The administrator assigns each extension a profile of telephony features, which lets the best match for a user’s job function. Each user can fine-tune their assigned profile through the web to match their daily business schedule.

Dlink DVX-3000 IP PBX System Features:

  • Configurable as media gateway.
  • Bridges legacy PSTN to the expanding world of IP telephony.
  • Conversion between a wide range of
  • Communications protocols and media codecs.
  • Provides IVR and Conference Bridge.
  • Automated attendant and unified messaging.
  • Can replace aging legacy voicemail systems.
  • 100 extensions
  • Supports 30 concurrent calls
  • Single IP PBX supports multiple
  • users across multiple sites
  • Add external Analog Trunk
  • Gateways to use standard
  • phone-lines
  • Save Money by using Internet
  • Phone service (VoIP)
  • User-Friendly Administration
  • Interface
  • Web-based Monitoring and
  • Administration
  • Call Statistics and
  • Call Detail Records (CDR)