Fanvil i21 IP Door Phone Kenya


Fanvil i21 IP Door Phone

The Fanvil i21 IP Door Phone Kenya offers 2 lines and is equipped for the outdoor elements. The Fanvil i21 Kenya is PoE enabled and offers a variety of enterprise level features. Many superior features of the i21 SIP door phone Kenya deliver high user ease and guarantee safe access control for any outdoor conditions.


Fanvil i21 IP Door Phone Kenya

The Fanvil i21 IP Door Phone Kenya IP intercom offers a smart and real solution for safe access control and monitoring of a building entrance. Voice transmission is delivered by standard IP/RTP/RTSP protocols, which warranty the best compatibility and combination with third-party IP systems.

The Fanvil i21 Kenya SIP door phone is designed for operation in the most challenging conditions. The strong mechanical construction offers the highest caring coverage rating against dust and water and protection against mechanical damage. Many deluxe features of the Fanvil i21 SIP door phone deliver high user comfort and guarantee protected access control for any outdoor conditions.

The Fanvil i21 IP Door Phone Kenya is compatible with most main platforms such as; 3CX IP PBX, Asterisk, and Elastix. The Fanvil i21T Kenya highlights features that decrease background noise and offer high-quality audio communication. The i21 by Fanvil Kenya has an outdoor weather rating of IP65 which allows for -40 degrees Celsius and a manufacturer’s rating of IK10.

Fanvil i21 IP Door Phone Features:

  • All in One door access, intercom and paging service
  • Omnidirectional Microphone pickup
  • Integrated indoor switchgear
  • 2 SIP Lines
  • No Numeric keypad
  • SIP V1/V2(RFC2543/RFC3261) and P2P Protocol
  • High level of comprehensibility and high volume in noisy environment
  • Maximal resistivity against dust, water, and mechanical damage
  • A quick dial button and backlit touch keyboard
  • Support G.711,G.729,G.722,G.729 etc. Codec voice intercom;
  • Unlock function (swipe or communication)
  • Visitor leave message;
  • Calling indoor extension for two-way conversation;
  • Software upgrading on line;
  • WEB remote management of Terminal malfunction or status